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Our mission

We want to unite a community of people passionate about butterflies who follow our news and offer a selection of jewelry for those who would like to share their passion and wear an object of protection .

More than a passion, the butterfly is a true symbol of protection

Having a strong symbolic value across different cultures around the world, the butterfly has always received great consideration.

Symbols such as metamorphosis, change, transformation, rebirth, evolution and transformation (life cycle) are associated with it.

The butterfly, symbolizing change and joy, can also be seen as a positive sign from your guardian angel . If a butterfly flies near you, this indicates the arrival of good news, and the longer it stays on you, the more it portends an upcoming good event. 🦋🍀

In addition to its beauty, butterfly-shaped jewelry is a symbol of protection . By wearing the butterfly sign, you keep with you a symbolic lucky charm that will protect you .



La Maison Papillon is dedicated to providing cutting-edge medical care and a variety of enriching activities to sick children, including art projects, parties and animal companionship. Each donation we offer, regardless of the amount, is chosen based on the annual sales of our store.

We too have a special attachment to butterflies

The symbol of freedom , evolution and change, are several signs that touch me personally.

“I love the idea that we all want to continue to grow and evolve. Also, being passionate about travel, I love that feeling of freedom while exploring the world.” - Fabio

Young entrepreneur and captivated by butterflies, I set out with a goal, that of offering a butterfly site for all enthusiasts of this pure and symbolic insect .

My desire to carry out my personal project on butterflies is what motivated me to create this site. I then surrounded myself with people passionate about or interested in butterflies to help me continue this project.

Today, our team is happy to be able to offer the first reference butterfly jewelry store in France with a community that follows our news and is growing day by day!