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Welcome to Esprit Papillon

Welcome to Esprit Papillon , a reference site for butterfly enthusiasts with its online store.

On our site you can discover news about butterflies and a selection of jewelry shipped free of charge at no additional cost and with secure delivery tracking.

Papillon Jewelry by Category

We invite you to discover the butterfly jewelry store and choose the jewelry model of your choice.

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Why are butterflies so popular in jewelry?

Wearing butterfly jewelry can be a powerful affirmation of your personality and your quest for freedom, helping you overcome periods of self-doubt or uncertainty .

Many jewelers design their creations based on ancient symbolism. Therefore, the same icons transcend eras and are seen in different cultures.

Esprit Papillon, your modern and authentic butterfly boutique

Esprit Papillon was born from a deep curiosity for the symbolism of butterflies , especially that of freedom and delicacy. In our online store, we want to offer a varied selection of butterfly jewelry by offering an extensive choice of jewelry and accessories inspired by their natural elegance.

This project was carried out by a group of people with a particular interest in butterflies, wanting to share this fascination with butterflies and their spiritual meaning .


The Butterfly Ring to express your passion with elegance

An exceptional piece of jewelry, the butterfly ring can be worn for special occasions or in everyday life.

The Butterfly Necklace to express freedom and your femininity

The ultimate piece of jewelry to enhance all types of outfits and highlight your femininity, the butterfly necklace shines with its elegance and diversity. Whether in the form of a long necklace, choker, choker, or necklace, it adapts perfectly and can be worn on all occasions.


Our mission

We want to unite a community of people passionate about butterflies who follow our news and offer a selection of jewelry for those who would like to share their passion and wear an object of protection .

Butterfly Earrings to illuminate your face

Butterfly earrings are also elegant jewelry for a woman. Our selection of earrings offers variety designed to meet all expectations.

The Butterfly Bracelet to enhance your wrist

The butterfly bracelet embodies feminine elegance. Alone or integrated into an ensemble, it can be worn every day with any type of outfit. Indeed, butterfly bracelets are jewelry designed with a wide variety of materials.


The shop that brings together butterfly enthusiasts

In everyday life, butterfly jewelry constantly reminds you to stay true to yourself and cherish your unique freedom, protecting you against the forces that seek to curb your creative and independent spirit. This delicate and authentic emblem encourages you to live fully, freely, and authentically.

Wearing butterfly jewelry is a powerful affirmation of your personality and your quest for freedom , helping you overcome periods of doubt or personal uncertainty .

Share your passion and your personality with the butterfly jewelry of your choice

Butterfly jewelry has long been valued for its unique beauty and helps all women add a stunning touch to their femininity .


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