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Dreaming of a butterfly: What does it mean?

Rêver de papillon

The butterfly is very often seen in dreams, so in this article we are going to see what it represents and in the smallest details, here is everything you need to know at this level, and in the smallest details, because the interpretation general is not enough.

Dreaming of a butterfly

In the general sense, the butterfly is a sign that you are in a situation in which you are very lucky, because you are in a stage of personal transformation, so know that this dream is most positive in the general sense.

You may have experienced a difficult phase and are now in a phase of renewal, and you are also in a situation in which you are evolving, perhaps with new projects, probably linked to spirituality.

Dreaming of interacting with the butterfly

If you ever run after it, for example, it is because you are trying to attribute its symbolism to yourself, and if you manage to catch up with it, it is because it is within your reach, whereas in the case where the butterfly does not can't be, it's the other way around.

If you speak with him, pay attention to the words, because they are always fundamental in the world of dreams, and you must always know that it is the subconscious that makes dreams, which is why they are so important.

If in the dream the butterfly is chasing you, it is because you are fleeing the metamorphosis, probably out of fear of the unknown, while in the scenario in which you kill the butterfly, it is because you refuse this renewal.

Dreaming of a butterfly in a specific place

Each place has its symbolism, for example, the forest is linked to growth and abundance, while the mountain is linked to obstacles, the ocean to the infinity of emotions, the desert to solitude and snow with the cold.

As for places made by humans, cemeteries are linked to the past, the castle with protection, as for vehicles, they are the means of moving forward, the city or town is linked to the social status, as stated in the global daily.

Dreaming of a butterfly in a certain state

The butterfly that is in full health indicates that your metamorphosis is going as planned, while in the case that the butterfly is trapped, it shows your difficulties, and as for the fact that it is dead, it is that the revival is dead.

Death in dreams always indicates something related to the end of a cycle, the injured butterfly indicates that you are suffering from something in reality, and you must know that it is essential to take into account every detail.

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