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White Butterfly: the most beautiful species

papillon blanc

Observing a white butterfly in the wild is always a remarkable experience. Due to their color, they stand out beautifully in their surroundings. This article showcases some of the most stunning species of white butterflies and the symbols they represent.

What do white butterflies symbolize?

White butterflies are often seen as symbols of luck and prosperity because of the purity of their color. They are also thought to predict births and new life opportunities.

However, the spiritual significance of white butterflies varies across cultures. For instance, the Blackfoot tribe, a Native American group, views these butterflies as bringers of dreams. In other cultures, white butterflies are considered an omen of death.

In many religions, white butterflies symbolize fortune and luck. They are also believed to be messengers bringing good news and can signify wisdom and spiritual growth.

Although not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, butterflies are used as metaphors. Biblical interpretations often associate metamorphosis with spiritual rebirth.

Dreaming of a white butterfly suggests a crucial transition phase, likely due to a recent hardship. It signifies finding your way again.
These dreams symbolize peace and harmony with your surroundings.
Your subconscious is indicating that every day should be cherished, urging you to appreciate the positive aspects of life and the people around you.
It also suggests moving on from a difficult past.

White butterflies can also represent an angelic sign. Angels use these butterflies to communicate that they are near. A white butterfly landing on you might carry an angelic message from a departed loved one, indicating that a blessing is coming your way or that someone from the other side is watching over you.
Butterflies capture our attention, which is why angels are believed to use these winged creatures as messengers between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Encountering a white butterfly can signify a divine omen of transformation and change, whether positive or negative. While not all changes are good, we believe that even the most challenging experiences contribute to personal growth and a broader awareness.

The most beautiful species of white butterflies around the world

Morpho Polyphemus

White butterfly - Morpho Polyphemus

Morpho polyphemus, also known as the White Morpho, is a white butterfly from the Nymphalidae family.

Its upper and lower wings are bright white with some light brown markings. It has a row of small eyespots on the underside of its hindwings.

This species ranges from Mexico to Panama. As its name suggests, it is one of the few morphos that are white instead of blue. Morpho luna, another white butterfly, is considered a subspecies of Morpho polyphemus.
The White Morpho can be found in Guatemala at altitudes up to 1200 meters and is often seen near the ground in villages or high in trees in forests.

Protogoniomorpha anacardii

White butterfly - Protogoniomorpha anacardii

Protogoniomorpha anacardii is a butterfly from the Nymphalidae family.

The wingspan ranges from 60 to 75 mm for males and 70 to 85 mm for females. This butterfly is distinguished by its white color and two large black spots on its wings, along with red and black eyespots with a purple center.

This beautiful butterfly is found in tropical Africa. It flies year-round, with peak activity in summer and autumn.

Pieris Rapae

White butterfly - Pieris rapae

Pieris Rapae, known as the Rough Pieris, is a small butterfly from the Pieridae family.

Its wingspan varies between 32 and 47 mm. It looks like a smaller version of the Cabbage White. The upper wings are creamy white with black tips on the forewings. Females also have two black spots in the center of the forewings. The underside of the wings is yellowish with black speckles.

This species is found across Europe, Asia, and North Africa. It was accidentally introduced to Quebec, Canada, around 1860 and quickly spread throughout North America. It is often seen in urban areas as well as natural habitats, mainly in valleys and clearings.

Spilosoma Lubricipeda

White butterfly - Spilosoma lubricipeda

Spilosoma lubricipeda, the White Ermine, is a moth from the Erebidae family.

Its wingspan is 34 to 48 mm. Its antennae are often black and very long for its size. The wing pattern varies from entirely white wings to wings heavily covered with black spots of different sizes. It has an orange abdomen with some black spots.

It is found across the temperate regions of Eurasia, from Europe to Japan, including Kazakhstan and southern Siberia. In China, there are several related species. In France, it is found in all regions, including Corsica.
The White Ermine inhabits open areas, gardens, towns, and can be found up to an altitude of 2000 meters.

This moth flies from May to September depending on the location. Thanks to its toxicity, it is not targeted by birds.

Hypercompe Scribonia

White butterfly - Hypercompe Scribonia

Hypercompe scribonia is a moth from the Erebidae family.

This species has a wingspan of about 75 mm. Its wings are bright white with sharp black spots, some solid and others hollow. The upper side of its abdomen is dark blue with orange markings, while the underside is white with solid black spots. Males have a narrow yellow line down the sides. Their legs have black and white bands. This butterfly is strictly nocturnal and typically does not fly before nightfall.

Its caterpillar has a thick layer of black hairs and red bands between its segments, which are visible when it curls up defensively. Its hairs are not stinging or venomous and usually do not cause irritation.

It is found throughout North America, from southern Ontario and the southern and eastern United States to New England, Mexico, and as far south as Panama.


  • Mimi

    Oh j’ai toujours lu partout que c’était les papillons bleus qui était un signe d’un défunt…

  • Dumur

    Des papillons blancs viennent dans mon jardin qu’est-ce que signifie MERCI de me répondre

  • Grun josiane

    J ai vu un papillon blanc qui tournait près de moi cela signifie ? Merciii

  • Grun josiane

    J ai vu un papillon blanc qui tournait près de moi cela signifie ? Merciii

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