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Everything you need to know about butterfly colors

papillon couleur

Who among us has not been enchanted by the shimmering wings of a butterfly as it flies from flower to flower in search of nectar?

Their colors are not only aesthetic, they also serve specific purposes . Certain colors provide practical camouflage that helps adult butterflies blend into their surroundings and stay safe.
They can also be used to attract mates or to deter potential predators by telling them that they are disgusting and/or toxic.

These majestic-looking insects have evolved to exploit every means possible to survive against numerous predators and continue their life cycle. One facet of this evolution can be observed in certain species of butterflies with transparent wings.

Where do the colors of butterflies come from?

The colors of butterflies have several origins. There are two types of colors found on butterflies:

Ordinary or pigmented color

It comes from pigments that absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect others. For example, the colors orange, brown, black or yellow come from pigments in the butterfly's wings. Shades of brown and yellow come from melanin, the same pigment found in us humans.

We also find this concept in plants. For example, the pigment chlorophyll is the source of the green coloring of plants. Chlorophyll absorbs the blue and red colors of the spectrum, but not green, which is seen when reflected back to our eye.

Structural color

This one is interesting because it is created by an optical effect (such as interference, refraction or diffraction) rather than a pigment. This type of color comes from the specific structure of butterfly wings. This explains why some colors in a butterfly seem to change and appear so intense, creating an effect called iridescence.

So butterflies can have vibrant blue, green, red, purple, or gray/white wings thanks to structural colors caused by the chitin in their wings, which reflects certain bands of light in specific ways.
This quality is well exploited by jewelry specialists. Indeed, many semi-precious stones such as opal have this iridescent effect, which is practical for designing accessories in the shape of butterflies. You can see it for yourself through our collection of butterfly necklaces .

Natural pigmentation remains the same no matter where or when you see it. In the case of structural colors, the angle at which light hits the wings as they flap changes the color. This causes a shimmering effect that we call iridescence. Iridescent butterflies change color as they fly, creating beautiful contrasts.

What do butterfly colors mean?

Butterflies are among the most beautiful creatures on Earth. Coming across them during a walk in the countryside, in the forest, directly in your garden, or even in the city is always a pleasure. These insects have the gift of amaze us. The coloring of their wings has nothing to do with it. Let us now see the meaning of the different colors that adorn the wings of lepidoptera.

Purple Butterfly Meaning

purple butterfly

The color purple is the color of mystery. Purple butterflies are extremely rare. People mostly see them in their dreams. These butterflies represent wisdom, enlightenment and insight. They also symbolize a connection with a higher world. This higher realm may be higher than a spiritual world. If you interact with a purple butterfly, it can signify the manifestation of your person's creativity, uniqueness, and talent.

Purple butterflies also carry secrets and mysteries that go beyond the minds of ordinary people. People who are interested in these things see purple butterflies in dreams. These people are often creative, thoughtful and very imaginative.

Meaning of the Blue Butterfly

blue butterfly

Blue butterflies are amazing, but rare. Seeing one, like the majestic morpho butterfly , is considered an auspicious sign, a message of joy and fortune.
Some people also believe that it is a symbol of honor and nobility. However, some interpret blue butterflies as deceptive and malicious spirits.
Blue butterflies also symbolize the passage of time, change and transformation. Some consider the blue butterfly a wish burner, so seeing one is a sign that a wish you make or have made may come true.

Due to their rarity, a person who sees a blue butterfly is considered very lucky. In some cultures, we consider these to be our deceased loved ones who visit us. It can also be associated with a divine manifestation or a higher power.

Meaning of the green butterfly

green butterfly

Green butterflies are always associated with something positive!
According to Chinese mythology, the green butterfly is the symbol of good and love. It also means prosperity.

If you see green butterflies flying around you, you may experience flourishing growth or development in some aspect of your personal or professional life. However, meeting them near your house can also symbolize success. If you see them circling around you, it means that you will soon receive a lot of money. Apart from this, green butterflies can also mean joy, calm, hope and encouragement.

A green butterfly is a good indicator that abundance, growth and good luck are on the way. It's up to you to give yourself the means to seize this chance!

Meaning of the yellow butterfly

yellow butterfly

Native Americans consider a yellow butterfly to be a sign of happiness, joy and positivity. From a spiritual perspective, it means awareness, transformation and healing from things such as depression or anxiety. It represents the sun and life.

It also symbolizes positive changes such as the birth of a child, the start of a new relationship, marriage, etc., which ultimately signify the end of sadness and pain. A yellow butterfly flying around you indicates that you may soon receive happy and positive news.

Positive news can be a change of job, a change of city, a change of life, a change of partner, etc. In some places around the world, yellow also signifies the soul of a newborn baby. They also believe that a yellow butterfly appears to warn them of approaching danger. The danger may be related to death, employment, a relationship or anything else.

Meaning of the Orange Butterfly

orange butterfly

Orange butterflies represent focus and passion for your goals in life. Seeing one can be a message reminding you of your purpose, especially at a time when you are distracted. It also implies aggression.

The orange butterfly is considered something that evokes a new thought process or perspective. This means, for example, that you should expect to have a guest over soon or that you might be invited to someone's house for a meeting or party.

The orange butterfly also warns that a person should not let their emotions take over their reason. This is therefore a message indicating that we should not let ourselves be influenced by our emotions. Instead, use them in your favor.

Meaning of the red butterfly

red butterfly

If you see red butterflies flying, it either means that you have news coming or that you are going to experience many years of happiness.

While Native Americans believe the red butterfly represents a powerful soul or spirit, according to modern mythology it symbolizes romance and passion. There is an English myth in which red butterflies are associated with the souls of witches as well as various evil creatures. According to Korean superstition, red butterflies are evil; a person may become blind or develop other vision problems if they touch one.

Apart from this, in some cultures it is also considered a symbol of danger or evil while in others it is associated with anger. A red butterfly also encourages those who contemplate it to prepare and be wary of a coming change.

Dreaming of a red butterfly can have several meanings. Physically, this can result in an increase in metabolism, blood pressure, or heart rate. On an emotional level, you may feel revenge, anger, passion, or romantic love and eroticism.

Meaning of the Pink Butterfly

pink butterfly

If you encounter a pink butterfly flying, it means that it has appeared to reassure you and make you understand that you need to take things that happen in your life more lightly. Pink butterflies are rare creatures that are associated with joy, gentleness and femininity.

Meaning of the white butterfly

white butterfly

Although white butterflies are not as brightly colored as other butterflies, they are easily distinguishable. Their pure luminosity and delicacy make them appear angelic.
They have deep spiritual meaning and represent purity.

If a white butterfly is flying around you, it could mean that your luck has finally arrived. A white butterfly represents good news. For those who believe in angels, this could mean that a guardian angel is guiding you.

Native Americans believe that a white butterfly is a dream bringer. He inspires people to dream. They believe that white butterflies can travel in dreams and on the physical plane.

They also carry messages that the dreamer must decipher. In countries like China and Ireland, the white butterfly signifies the soul of a deceased person who is trying to tell us that everything will be okay. In other countries, it is considered a representation of good news and transformation.

Meaning of the brown butterfly

brown butterfly

A brown butterfly symbolizes above all a new life or a new beginning. If you see a brown butterfly, it means good news awaits you, but if it enters your home, it is there to tell you that an important message is on its way to you.

Some cultures also believe that brown butterflies carry the spirit or soul of deceased loved ones, while in other cultures they mean money and luck. In some corners of the world, such as parts of Eastern Europe, brown butterflies are also believed to bring bad news.

Meaning of the black butterfly

black butterfly

Many people consider a black butterfly to bring bad omens, misfortune or death. However, a black butterfly doesn't always mean bad news.

Sometimes it can simply mean the end of something and the beginning of something good. Many see the black butterfly as a sign of hope, longevity and positive change, with darkness preceding light.

For example, if a person is going through a bad relationship, it can be good news for them because the bad relationship is ending and a new relationship will begin. These people should also see the black butterfly as a sign to be more confident and determined to achieve the life you want.

Meaning of the black and white butterfly

black and white butterfly

Black and white butterflies have two extreme "colors". While black represents the end of someone or something like a toxic relationship or a job, white represents the presence of the soul of a deceased person around you.

Seeing a black and white butterfly can mean a reminder that your loved one is trying to connect with you and is not completely gone. His soul is always there to guide you. The black and white butterfly also encourages one to continue walking a deep spiritual path.

Orange and Black Butterfly Meaning

orange and black butterfly

The colors black and orange both symbolize different things. For example, orange revives your courage to live a passionate life and do the things your heart desires. However, the color black represents death or the end of something . Not in a completely negative way, but it symbolizes that you need to let something go in your life in order to make room for positivity and happy transformation. The most famous orange and black butterflies are the monarchs frequently found in the United States, Mexico and southern Canada. They are highly migratory and can also be found in France.

Dreaming of an orange and black butterfly or seeing one can mean several things. Your body may be blocked or disturbed. This may be a sign that you are focusing on discomfort, negative feelings from which you are trying to free yourself. The presence of the color orange indicates that you have within you a need for a more stimulating life, which makes you more enthusiastic and happy every day.

Conclusion on the meaning of butterfly colors

As you may have noticed, the various colors of butterflies have very different meanings. Generally speaking, butterflies are associated with the soul and omens. We hope that reading this article can help you understand your own experiences with butterflies of different colors.

Although a butterfly is rarely single-colored, it often has a dominant color by which it can be identified. This is not the case for everyone and to find out, we invite you to take a look at our article on multicolored butterflies. Don’t hesitate to share with us which butterfly colors you like the most and why not your favorite species!


  • Dayana

    Bonjour Brilly,
    La signification d’un papillon vert avec des antennes en forme de plume peut varier selon les contextes culturels et personnels, mais généralement, le papillon en tant que symbole évoque la transformation, la croissance et le renouveau en raison de son cycle de vie passant de la chenille au papillon. La couleur verte est souvent associée à la nature, la croissance, l’harmonie et la fertilité. Les antennes en forme de plume pourraient ajouter une dimension d’unicité et de communication subtile, étant donné que les plumes sont fréquemment perçues comme des symboles de liberté, de voyage et de connexion avec le monde spirituel. Ainsi, un papillon vert avec des antennes sous forme de plume pourrait symboliser un renouvellement ou une transformation personnelle profonde, avec une emphase sur la communication, la sensibilité et une connexion avec la nature ou le spirituel.

  • Brilly

    Quel es la signification du papillon vert avec des antennes sous de plume

  • Abdonel charles

    Mardi dernier je vois un papillon brun ou marron et beige et noir posant Sur la cour ayant dans chaque ailes des numéros marqués comme 128, 577 , 355. Mais le 128 est le numéro gagnant en mercredi matin au tirage florida, mais le mardi même son revers 82 a fait 1er lot au tirage florida et 2ème au tirage de New York. Qu’est ce que cela signifie?

  • Solange


    Un papillon marron c’est installé dans ma cage d’escalier de mon sous-sol et il n’est jamais reparti, je l’ai laissé, du coup quand je descends dans mon sous-sol je vois le papillon sur le mur, et aujourd’hui c’est un petit papillon blanc et jaune qui est rentrée dans ma maison il se trouve sur le plafond de mon couloir, cela est bon signe ?

  • Vivi

    Bonjour jai rever des Papillion manifique avec des energie de lumiere tout jaune et Belle estce bon pour moi merci ses petite Papillion etait eclrairer de lumiere magigue dans mes main estce bon signe merci

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